About me

Since I was a girl, crafts have been a very important part of my life. If you come to my home, you will find crafted items everywhere, I don't know where to keep all of them. I decided to share my passion for crafts with you and the better way of doing that is thorugh the Internet. That is how the idea to starting a blog came to my mind. 
This blog is Anyway, my main interest in on needlecraft and knitting. I learnt cross stitch when I was around 6 years old thanks to my loved grandmother. I used to do cross stitch when I was i with her in the weekends but when I grew up I left that hobby. After finishing my studies and established by my own, I don't know really why, but I started to do some cross stitch again. And from that time I never stopped. On top of cross stitch, I learnt and regularly do hardangerblackwork, patchwork and knitting and now I am in the process of learning redwork and traditional embroidery.
This blog is for you, crafter or simply craft lover, independently of the craft you like. Here you will find the jobs I did in the past and the jobs I am doing now, other blogs and sites reviews, interviews with other crafter and anything in general that is interesting for you and me. You will also find once in a while posts about my travels.
I am not alone in this journey, my little girl Luna, a beautiful black cat, is always with me, when crafting and when writing. Sometimes she is making me some company sitting beside the computer or on my laps while embroidering and other times she is disturbing my job coming on top of the keyboard and using my threads as a toy. But whatever she is doing I love her.
Enjoy my job and comment anything you want.