Sunday, 2 February 2020

WIPocalypse January

First WIPocalypse of the year!!!! 

I didn't make great advances this month but in spite of that I am very happy. I was most of the month with one of my hands cast on a plaster as a consequence of a broken wrist and after removing the plaster my wrist still pains and doesn't have full mobility. I thought I wasn't going to be able of stitch anything, and that is why I am very happy with my small advances.

I am going to start with one of the projects pending from last year, my Advent Calendar. It is almost finished , I stitched the number 23, a toy soldier and in February it will be fully finished.

I started my Temperature project. The pattern is a design published in the blog Magical Quilts and More and I decided to do with the minimum temperatures we are having in Northumberland. I maybe will do other with the maximum temperatures depending on how long the stitching takes me.

I stitched the first ornament for my Halloween Ornie SAL 2020. Each month we need to stitch something related with the theme proposed. For January it was pumpkin. I chose a design called Pumpkin Pie published in Just Cross Stitch. I didn't finished it as with my damaged wrist I cannot do it but as soon as my wrist allows me I will finish it.

Same happened with the ornament for Christmas Ornie SAL 2020, I stitched it but didn't finish. In this SAL there are 3 options to choose: 12 days of Christmas, Christmas carols and Just Cross Stitch magazine. I am going through the third option and for January I chose a design called Shinning&Bright. For more details you can read my post here.

After more than 2 years I did other cactus for my Prickly But Cute design. The cactus I did this month is called Chloe and it is the one in the bottom right part.

Finally I stitched "My Favourite Things" corresponding to January. That is a project published in the magazine CrossStitcher. Each month the pattern will show something related with the month, as for example, snowdrops, tea and toast and cosy socks for January. 

To finish with this post I would like to answer the monthly question, which this month is "What SALs are you participating in this year?"

This year for the moment I am not participating in any typical SAL style "show one part receive the next" but mostly in SALs to do on your own pace. Most of them are organised by Magical Quilts and More as Temperature, Christmas Cards and Blackwork Christmas Ornaments. I am also participating in SALs which are more like a linky party. Maybe I will not participate every month in all of them but they are:

- WIPocalypse
- People's Choice

And that is all for the moment. I hope to advance more next month with my wrist in good conditions. 

Good Stitching Time!!!!!


  1. Lovely stitching despite your broken wrist, it's true dedication to keep going!
    I am tempted by the monthly series from Cross Stitcher too. I have liked all three designs so far.

  2. Great progress in spite of your injury! I hope you get back to your usual stitching speed soon.
    I really love your Advent Calendar!