Sunday, 5 January 2020

WIPocalypse - Introducing 2020 Goals

I am here other year to take part in WIPocalypse. 

I have been taking part in this SAL for a couple of years, but every year something happened and I could never finish and always stopped around summer time. I am starting to call that the curse of the WIPs….. As I explained in my previous post, last year I made a big change in my life moving from London area to North East of England, which stopped me to finish the projects I started. That means I have a lot of carry over project. As every year and because that helps me a lot, I am going to join different SALs, link parties and challenges.  But let’s see what my goals are for this 2020.

I am going to join in the following:
  •  WIPocalypse. You need to show your advances in a post made the posting date. There is also a question to answer every month and different challenges during the year.

  •   People’s Choice SAL. I will not participate in all of them. There is a theme of the month and if I like it I will stitch something for that SAL. It should be posted first Saturday of each month.

  • Small SAL. I don’t know if that one will be going on 2020.

  •  Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. The idea is stitch some to give as a gift or from something given you as a gift. It can be using a pattern, fabric, thread, etc given to you as a gift or, as it will be my case, something you are going to give to someone. I am going to take part with the Christmas cards I explain below, as I will be sending them to my family/friends at the end of the year.

  •  24HOCS Challenges. I recently knew about that Facebook group. There is a over the year challenge, 4 marathons every year and different challenges every month, as 24 hours stitching, Acronym challenge or holiday challenge.

This year I would like to finish:
  • Advent Calendar. I started it in 2018 and it was going to be part of my Christmas decoration this year, but when it was almost finished, only the soldier and star left, I broke my wrist and couldn’t stitch for the moment. I am planning to finish it this month if I can stitch (I still need to wear the plaster for all January).

  • Connie Gee Blackwork SAL. That SAL started on 2018 and was going on for all 2019 to complete 25 parts. I stitched up to part 16 and because it is fairly quick I would like to complete it soon.

  • Prickly But Cute. I started it in 2018 and finished 3 parts. The SAL consists on 15 very cute cacti. It was planned for 2019 but I didn’t have time to touch it.

  • Hooties All Year Round. I was on time with it until July, when I started to prepare for moving. It will be finished before summer.

  • Dreamcatcher. Something similar happened with that one. I finished the dreamcatchers corresponding to spring and summer and have 2 left.

  • Monthly Flowers. That SAL was published in CrossStitcher magazine during 2019. The idea was to stitch every flower and finish it as it was proposed in the model. I finished snowdrop, primrose and daffodil and this one is a MUST for 2020.

  • ORT Label. This is a very small project. It is a label for my ORTs jar showing “Irene’s ORTs”. I will try to finish quick

  • Few Christmas Ornaments from 2019. I stitched them before breaking my wrist so I could never finish them.

I would like to start and finish:

  •        A blackwork Christmas ornament a month. Organized by Magical Quilts and more, consists in stitching one ornament every month in blackwork.

  •       A Halloween ornament a month. It is the first time I am going to take part. There is a theme every month and it is presented in a sort of guest blogging in the blog Halloween Ornie SAL 2020.

  •         A hardanger gift bag collection. I bought these patterns in Etsy and consists in a collection of 7 gift bags.

  •          My favourite things of each month. This is what CrossStitcher magazine proposes this year as monthly chart.

  •          A Christmas card a month. Again organized by Magical Quilts and More, this one is to stitch a Christmas card every month. I am going to have 12 cards at the end of the year to send to my most beloved friends. I will present in the GG2020.

  •          A Christmas Ornament a month. This is similar to the Halloween one, organized by the blog Christmas Ornie SAL. There are 3 options to choose, 12 days of Christmas, Christmas carols or Just Cross Stitch magazine. I am going to stitch the last option.
And that’s all. I don’t know how much I will be able to stitch in January with my broken wrist but I hope all will be settled and in February my wrist will be fine and ready to stitch.


  1. Hello. I'm a fellow WIPocalypse stitcher. Stopping over to see your blog. Good luck with all your goals for the year!

  2. These are great goals, good luck with them.

  3. Great projects - good luck with your 2020 stitching

  4. Good luck with your list; there are lots of lovely things on it, particularly the cacti and dreamcatchers! I hope your wrist is mending well x

  5. First of all, congratulations on the move and the new area of the country. Hope you are enjoying the change.
    Secondly, thanks for joining in with some of the SALs and blogs I run. I look forward to seeing what you share with us this year. It's Lizzie*Kate for the People's Choice this month.

  6. You have wonderful plans for stitching in 2020. Thank you for sharing all the SALs. I hope your wrist heals quickly :)