Friday, 3 January 2020

2019 Summary

2019 is over and, maybe it is quite late, but it is time to make a summary of the year. This year I made an other big change in my life. After living in London area for 8 years I decided to move to the north of England. I left my job and I got a new one in  Northumberland, North East of England. So I packed all my stuffs and my little Luna and moved to the North to a very cute and beautiful town close to the Scottish border. I am very happy here, all is very different, people are very friendly, it is colder and I am very close to the beach and hills.
I don't know the hills yet, I need to go to the Cheviots, but what can I say about the beach......? There are beautiful landscapes in this area, I love how quite you can be sitting in the beach with nobody around.....

But as a consequence of moving, my stitches have been completely stopped. I stopped in June as I got the new job and I was looking for my home. Then I was preparing all for moving and finally moved. After reaching to my new place I had lots of things to do, in the house organising all, in the job getting used to a new company and outdoor as I was amazed and couldn't stop visiting beaches every afternoon.

Finally I settled a bit and started to do some stitches. And unfortunately I fell down and broke my wrist, so again I stopped stitching.

I started the new year with a plaster cast on, but now I improved a bit and I am able to do small things. I can fix the fabric in the hoop, I can thread the needle and using a embroidery hoop that I can hold with my leg while sited I am stitching again. Hope my wrist heals soon and I can start doing embroideries at my normal pace.


  1. Congratulations on your move, but ouchie for your broken wrist. I shall have my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for you. Happy New Year x

    1. Thank you Bethan. I need to wear the plaster at least all January. I am starting to do some stitches but I do it very slow.....