Friday, 15 February 2019

Hearts Collection

Saint Valentine Day is just over!!!!!!!

I am not in couple now what means that I don't need to care about buying presents for that day. Anyway, I like to visit blogs and websites to see the beautiful items people do in a huge variety of techniques. It is always good to catch ideas as you never know if you will need in the future.

I decided to make a list and share with you some of the pieces of art I found in Internet, most of them really easy to make. I am simply listing them and the position each project occupies is not related with the quality or likeness, it is 100% aleatory. It is also my first post of this type. I want to apologize in advance for the mistakes I can make and I would like to get feedback about how I did and what I can improve.

But let's go with the list.

1. Mini Heart Banner. In the blog Oh Happy Day there is a post with a tutorial about how to make this heart banner. They are made on felt, they are very easy and quick to do and in spite of be quite tiny, they are really cute.

Banner Hearts by Oh Happy Day.

2. Heart Borax Crystal Heart. As a chemist I love this one. It is made with borax, a common household cleaner, pipe cleaner and food colouring. I want to make some.......

Borax Heart by Chica Circle.

3. Wool Heart Wreath, very simple but cute. You only need some cardboard and yarn in different colours. 

Blue Bear Wood

4. Yarn Wrapped Hearts, also made with cardboard and yarn , great both for kids and grown ups. 

Find the tutorial in Easy, Peasy and Fun

5. Grass Heart. One of my favourite. It is very simple and cheap, it can be made with nature gifts.  That is recommended for people who love nature, go for a walk, enjoy the sun and fresh air and collect material for the heart.

Mother Natured

6. Fabric HeartsNo sewing machine needed to make these fabric hearts!

Cottage at the Crossroads

7. Lavender Heart. They make the perfect gift, it is filled with lavender which is very good for help sleeping and relaxing. And it is easy to make.


8. Hanged Hearts. Not only for Valentine's Day but also ideal for Christmas,

Funky Sunday

9. Valentine's Wreath. This wreath is made with paper and fabric and ideal to decorate your window.

Somewhat Simple

10. Cross stitch Hearts. I don't want to finish without showing the heart  I made as part of a Valentine's Day swap in a forum group I collaborate. The design is a freebie published in the blog The World According to Agi

Little Stitches Art

Which is your favourite heart? Please, let me know in the comments which one ido you like more.


  1. What a superb collection of hearts - Lavender Heart is my favourite

  2. I love them ALL! I'm going to share your blog with a friend of mine who used to bring her grandkids to my house for arts and crafts. Pretty sure that they would love making everything!

  3. You really have dedicated this month to hearts! I love all of these but the paper heart wreath is probably my favourite. It would look good with some cross stitched hearts added it among the paper.