Sunday, 10 February 2019

Hearts and More Hearts

Valentine's Day is approaching and even if I am not in couple at this moment I became a bit contagious with the hearts. Wherever you look now you are going to see only teddy bears and hearts, lots of hearts in many different materials and price. You can buy hearts in felt, rubber, candies,.....

I was this weekend working on hearts also and I did them for different reasons and with different purpose. I cannot say what is the reason I did each one because I want to keep it surprise for the person receiving but I can tell you that I did one for a Saint Valentine Swap in a Spanish embroidery group I take part from several years, other is for a blog hop, other is part of a year project and the other just because I wanted to make them.

One of them is knitted. It is fairly easy to make and I used for it white wool with pale blue wool to sew it together. A button in the centre serves as decoration.

For the second one I followed a pattern which appear in the magazine Cross Stitcher, issue 340. It uses one of the "new" DMC threads (not that new as the came to market last year). It is small but cute.

Next one was planned to be stitched last year as part of the project a sachet per month but I finally didn't have time. It is a Vervaco design and it is supposed to be a sachet. I still need to wash it and fill it with lavender or whatever,m but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to show it together with the others.

The one I am going to show now is part of a pattern collection proposed by the magazine Cross Stitcher. Each 2019 issue will be giving a flower corresponding to the month the issue is coming. That is the first one of the collection and it is a snowdrop. That is the first flower to appear as winter turns to spring. This flower signifies hope and beauty and with the carnation, is the birth flower of January. I finished it following the magazine suggestion.

My last hearts are 4 in one. It is a freebie desig I saw in the blog Tbhe World ~According to Agi. It is stitched in white with pink point 14 count Aida fabric and I framed it in a wooden frame/

That is my heart collection for Valentine's Day. I am going to show a picture where you can see all together. 


  1. All lovely hearts, I love the Snowdrop heart.

  2. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month with such a beautiful selection of Hearts. I love the snowdrop pillow. I hope it wasn't too difficult to make the heart shaped pillow.