Sunday, 27 January 2019

For Someone Special

I wanted to start the year with a post talking about which projects I want to do this year not only embroidery but other crafts also and I wanted to write about new ideas I am having for the blog. Finally I think I will do that later because I want to write the first project I finished in 2019, a birth record for a special baby.

Las year came to life a new member of my family. He was born on the 25th October and he was, well, he is one of the most desired and wanted babies in the world. His parent were trying to conceive for more than 15 years and finally, when they lost all the hopeness they were having, it was possible. He was on the way……. It is so special for me because his mum is the best friend I could have in my life (on top of being my cousin) and one of the most important person for me. 

I wanted to make a birth record for him with his name and date of birth. I chose a baby design with a dummy holding few balloons, all in blue shades. I chose a fabric I got long time back but never could use it.It is 14 count Aida white with small points in pale blue. I finished it off with a frame imitating the marble stone . It is now flying to its destination. Hope it arrives soon and they like……..