Thursday, 6 September 2018

WIPocalypse - August Check In

I have finally time to do some stitches and show them on my monthly summary.

We have crossed the first half of the year and that is the moment when I modify the list of projects to do I prepared at the beginning of the year. Some of the projects I even didn’t have time to start and I will be doing in 2019 and others are projects I have started but I am disappointed or don’t like how they look. The good part is that I have included new projects for this last part of the year, mainly for Halloween or Christmas decoration.

So my list of projects to do is now as shown:

  1. Dreamcatcher: 33%
  2. Banner of the Sabbats: 25%
  3. Sewing Owls
  4. Connie Gee Design SAL: 36%
  5. CrossStitcher SAL
  6. Seasonal Birds
  7. Green Man
  8. MD69 Cinderella
  9. Phases of the Moon
  10. Wheel of the Year
  11. Monthly Mini Mandala: 25%
  12. Zodiac Pentagram
  13. Queen of Water: 90%
  14. A Year of Flowers: 66%
  15. Zen Garden
  16. 12 Month, 12 Sachets: 66%
  17. Prickly But Cute: 20%
  18. 12 Days of Christmas: 50%
  19. Magical Mistery SAL: 100%
  20. Blackwork Tangram: 17%
  21. Halloween Owls: 8%
  22. Advent Calendar
  23. Halloween Unicorn

Entries in red means I advanced on them, while in black are the ones I didn’t work on this period. I put in orange the projects I will do next year, in violet the ones I have abandoned and in green are the project I am going to start now.

To start with my advances of that period I want to show the advance I did on my “A Year of Flowers”. It is a Cuore e Batticuore design which I am presenting in the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL 2018. I finished 3 more flowers and I am completely up to date in that SAL now. The flower corresponding to June is a daisy. For July I embroidered what I think it is an iris and for August I have no idea about which flower it is (can be a fucshia), but it is lovely.

My Hooties 12 Days of Christmas has advanced also, but I am still two months behind schedule and I need to speed up if I want to finish it by this year Christmas. I finished the Day 5 (5 Golden Rings) and Day 6 (6 Geese-a-Laying).

The aromatic sachet collection is also up to date now. I chose this time four Vervaco designs and I am very happy as they look gorgeous, specially the two in black and white

 I finally finished the Magical Mistery SAL organized last spring by Magickal Quilts and More. I embroidered on the back MMS and the month and year I did it and I finished it as a pincushion. Happy with the result.

And moving on to blackwork, I became up to date with the Connie Gee Design Blackwork SAL. The second row is nearly over and I am waiting restless to have time to make the 10th design.

The two new projects I already started are part of what is going to be my Halloween decoration. One project consists in owl disguised with Halloween creepy costumes, as vampire, ghost, bat, etc. I sterted with the one who is on top of a pumpkin. I chose a olive green 16 count fabric for this project.

The other project is a Halloween unicorn. I love unicorns, that is not a secret. I have unicorns printed on my water bottle, my mug, sleepers, …..and when I saw that design I couldn’t avoid buying it. I am going to stitch it on 14 count pale yellow Aida fabric. After finishing this one I think I will buy and do the Christmas one, with a poinsettia on his head.

I am also going to start shortly a Advent Calendar, but that will be for the next month.

The question Measi Musing is asking this month is :

“What is more satisfaying for you and why - the process of stitching a piece or the finish?”

Definitely for me is the process of stitching. I love the thread and fabric setting up, the excitement of the first stitches and mainly see how my piece of art is growing and showing the final design. I have loads of embroidered pieces in which the cross stitch part is finish but the job remains unwashed in a box. And my weakest point, if i leave a small portion unfinished it will be like that forever.

Have a happy stitching month.

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  1. Such a beautiful array of projects. My favourite has to be your 12 Days Owls, but it's also lovely to see your flowers as well. I look forward to seeing what you do by Christmas x