Sunday, 12 August 2018

August Bullet Journal Layout

August is the first month I am going to plan completely in my bullet journal. I started it by the middle of July and made only half a month. Still I don’t feel very confident in drawing, lettering, etc and that is why I am going to plan a minimalist August layout. I am practicing some lettering and doodles as training to make more beautiful layouts.

August is the month when the first harvest festival (Lammas) is celebrated. That is the reason I chose a cornucopia full of fruits for my August cover page. Just after the cover page I introduced the monthly calendar for August.

Two collections very useful for me are the habit tracker and the sleep log. I think I improved both compare with the trackers I did in July. I left more space between lines in the habit tracker and I am using a different colour for each day track. I reduced the size of my sleep log to have space to have more information. I fixed slots of sleeping time instead hours and a space for quality of my sleep.

For the mood tracker I decided to draw 31 leaves in a cup. I like the design and at the same time it is easy to draw mainly when I am not very good in drawing (hope to improve with my training). That is going together with a mood graph where I track my mood (good, normal, bad) in the morning and evening. I included also a space to write or draw what make me feel happy or bad and finally the Level 10 Life which I will fell by the end of the month.

After that there is a page for doodles (or I should say rubbish as I am terrible drawing). I am following the August Doodle Challenge in Instagram hosted by Christina77 (@christina77). The theme for this month is zoo, but looking at my animals it seems to be a joke……

After that I will include the weekly layouts. I am changing them because I don’t know which design is better for me. That is something I will keep changing until I find the best for me.

Do you have any idea, suggestion or comment? They are all welcome.

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