Sunday, 8 July 2018

Back After a Break

I have been away from the blog for quite a long time now. I never stopped stitching but I considerably reduced the amount of time I am dedicating to that. I will explain the reason later on because first I would like to show you the advances I did on my project during my absence, even they are not too many.

I am really delayed in the Blackwork Tangram SAL organized by Lakeside Needlecraft. All the parts have been released no but I am still struggling to finish the third part. I finished the second one and for that I chose yellow thread (DMC 444). Hope finish soon with the complete job.

I continued with the fifth part of the Connie Gee Design SAL. That one is quick and easy and I did it while watching my favourite programs on tele.

May and June flowers are done. May’s one is a nice rose in pink color similar to the ones I have in my garden. The flower representing June is a daisy. I love daisies. I remember when I was a girl removing one by one all the petals of a daisy thinking in the boy you liked at that moment and telling ‘He loves me, he doesn’t love me’ for each one of the petal. The last one was the one deciding if the boy loved you or not. Obviously it is something silly but it was funny when I was a girl.

Why I have been far from my blog and my craft? The reason is that in May I got an allotment plot. It wasn’t in very bad conditions when I took over, actually it had few raised beds covered with black plastic ready to cultivate. But nothing is 100% perfect and other areas were completely covered with weed. It took me long time and effort to clean it up, it is not completely cleaned now, but at least I have some space where to start planting and later I will finish with the wedding in the remaining parts.

This picture shows how it was when I took over.

On top of the weeding, there are a lot of tasks to do in a plot. You need to dig before planting, plant, water, support some species,.... And what it is more annoying, fighting against the birds and pests. I planted my onion sets and when they start spouting pigeons ate some of them. Luckily I am going to the plot daily so I could notice soon and cover them with a net.
Something similar happened with my beans, broccolis and kales. I don’t like to use chemicals as I like to grow organic veggies. One day I reached there and I saw all my beans and kales eaten by someone.

I thought quickly in slugs or caterpillars so I add some coffee grinds to avoid slugs and sacrifice lettuce leaves to attract caterpillars. But I couldn’t see any sign of them and my plants were eaten over and over. Then I decided to put a net covering the kales and they are now growing healthy. Finally I realized that the one eating my plants were again pigeons, so after fitting a net over the beans they are also growing nice.

Anyway it is really rewarding when you see the veggies for the first time. I have now tomato, pepper and courgette fruits

Hope my amount of job in the plot decreases now and I can come back to my embroidery and blo 

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  1. Great work - both on the stitching and the allotment! x