Sunday, 8 April 2018

WIPocalypse 2018 - March Check In

As you should know by now, WIPocalypse is a SAL organized by Measi’s Musing in which we need to advance on the projects we listed at the beginning of the year.
To continue with the idea I started last month I am going to summarize what I did in the month of March. Some of the advances I already showed in previous posts but some are going to be shown only in this post. But first I am going to show the state of each project.

  1. Dreamcatcher: 33%
  2. Banner of the Sabbats: 25%
  3. Sewing Owls
  4. Connie Gee Design SAL: 20%
  5. CrossStitcher SAL: 8%
  6. Seasonal Birds
  7. Green Man
  8. MD69 Cinderella
  9. Phases of the Moon
  10. Wheel of the Year
  11. Monthly Mini Mandala: 25%
  12. Zodiac Pentagram
  13. Queen of Water
  14. A Year of Flowers: 25%
  15. Zen Garden
  16. 12 Month, 12 Sachets: 25%
  17. Prickly But Cute: 13%
  18. 12 Days of Christmas: 16%
  19. A FOB A Month: 25%
  20. Magical Mystery SAL: Prestitch 1 and 2 finished

I also did two small extra projects, the Easter rabbit and the Easter Biscornu, which are completely finished.

During this month I finished the third part of both os my blackwork projects, Connie Gee Design SAL and Brodeuse Bresanne mini monthly mandala.

To continue with the projects I started at the beginning of the year, I stitched the third flower of the Cuore e Batticuore design A Year of Flowers, which I presented in the Gift Gorgeousness SAL 2018. This month is a tulip.

I also stitched the second owl of the Hooties 12 Days of Christmas, the one corresponding to “Two Turtle Doves” presented in the blog Christmas Ornie SAL.

The next one I want to show you is Albert the Aloe, the second cactus of the SAL Prickly But Cute. As the name says, it is a very cute SAL consisting in 15 small cacti. They are really quick to stitch.

From the blog Magical Quilts and More I am stitching a couple of projects . One is the FOB of the month. They are very small FOBs but the results are very nice. I did this third one in white 14 count Aida fabric using blue and green shades for the threads. I need to say that I forgot to stitch the ribbon to this one, so it is more a small cushion than a FOB……

The other project for that blog is the Magical Mystery Spring SAL. That started on the 30th March but two pre-stitch were released during the month of March. I am going to stitch it in Grey 14 count Aida fabric and still I don’t know if I am going to do a biscornu or something else.

For the Small SALs 2018 I did other aromatic sachet with a lotus flower design stitched over pink 18 count Aida fabric. I filled this time with jasmine essence.

As Ostara festivity took place on the 20th March I did couple of embroideries for that celebration. The one on the left is a The Primitive Hare freebie and the one on the right is part of the Wheel of the Year collection from CTHdesigns.

The last projects I am going to show are part of my Easter decoration. Even if I celebrate Ostara and not Easter I can’t avoid doing Easter crafts, simply because they are lovely and cute. I stitched an Easter rabbit and an Easter Biscornu, both freebies from The World According to Agi blog.

Measi’s Musing always presents a question we need to answer in this post, that is the Question of the Month. This month the question is: “What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?

I can say that recently I have discovered two designers, one of them very famous and the other bit less but not for that worst than the first. I am talking about Cuore e Batticuore and Pinoy Stitch. I only knew about Coure a Batticuorte last year when a friend showed me the seasons designed by them. After that I had a look at their designs and I loved them. I am doing this year the flowers design, A Year of Flowers, which a Cuore e Batticuore design.

The other designer I mentioned is Pinoy Stitch. I discovered this designer when I was looking for a design for the 12 Days of Christmas. Looking for a nice design in Etsy I found the Hooties 12 Days of Christmas by Pinoy Stitch and I decided to stitch it. Looking to more designs from her I found many other hooties design which I am sure I will stitch more than one in the future.

Hope you like my projects and see you next month.

Happy Stitching!!!!!


  1. Great progress this month! I love your fob - it's so tiny!! x

  2. Wow, so many different projects. You will not tire of them as you have a lot of variety.

  3. The Prickly but Cute Sal is so much fun!