Thursday, 5 April 2018

My Easter Decoration

Easter is over other year but I would like to show you what I did for the Easter decoration.

I only decorated my living-room as it is the place where I stay longer. In the window, in a way that you can see from outside, I hanged an Easter biscornu and an Easter Rabbit, both designed by Agnes Palko and given as freebies in her blog The World According to Agi. They are made in typical easter colours and the rabbit is mounted over yellow felt.


Together with these two embroideries I made an Easter chickens wreath. I put yellow ribbon around a ring and decorated with small yellow chicks, nests and small eggs. It is easy to do, the most difficult part was to avoid Luna, my beloved cat, take all the chicks as her toys……

For inside I decorated with the two Ostara designs I showed in a previous post and an Easter eggs basket. I painted myself all the eggs (ok, I also painted some of Luna’s hairs) and used some rabbits I has from last year’s Easter. I surrounded the basket with daffodils shape candles as well as by two tea candles, one in white and the other in black, representing the equilibrium of the season. It is quite surprising that the eggs are still there in spite of Luna trying to play with them….. I also prepared a hen which is a cosy egg. As I don't eat eggs I used it as part of the Easter decoration covering a plastic egg.


  1. A nice collection of Easter ornaments!
    You have been busy, well done!
    Barbara xx

  2. Very pretty Easter decorations! I hopped over here from Jo's blog, serendipitous stitching. So nice to see all the pretty things you've been stitching!

  3. Great Easter decoration, Irene. In Greece, we celebrate Easter tomorrow (April 8th). Kisses, my friend.

  4. I made the same bunny too this year!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Beautiful Easter decorations Irene, your home looks gorgeous. I love the chick wreath especially, such a simple idea perfectly finished.

  6. You had a wonderful display of Easter decorations. Your Easter wreath is impressive.