Saturday, 10 November 2018

Halloween Decoration

How fast the time goes…… It seems that not so long back we were celebrating Christmas and we are already preparing 2018 ones. We have just celebrated Halloween last week. Halloween (or Samhain, depending on what you believe) is one of my favourite (or even I should say my favourite) festivities of the year. After autumn equinox and change to winter time dark time is long, weather start to be chilled and we experience the first frosten. It is the point where you can feel stronger the turn of the wheel of the year. So, as I love that time so much, I invested lot of time in prepare home decoration for that festivity, and I want to share it with you.

During the last couple of months I have been stitching a hooty design from Country Magic Stitch called Halloween Owls. I bought it in Etsy and consists in 12 owls wearing spooky costumes. We have from the witchy owl to the mummy one passing from Frankestein, vampire, ghost, skeleton, devil,.... For that design I chose a green olive 18 ct Aida cloth and used the call for DMC threads. I frame it using a picture frame from the second hand shop and I decorate the frame with Halloween shapes (bat, pumpkin, spider, ghost) made on glitter black, orange and white foam.

Just before doing the owls I stitched a Halloween Unicorn designed by AnnaXStitch. I stitched in 14 count yellow Aida fabric and DMC threads. I framed it using a hoop previously wrapped in black ribbon. I stitched a black ribbon in the side of the design as decoration and use the same black ribbon for hanging.

The next couple of jobs are from the Cross Stitcher issue 336 magazine and I really fell in love with them when I saw. I chose for that design the hateful but beautiful 14 count aida in black. For the spider I used the  glow in the dark thread by DMC with black metallic thread for the spider web. Those two were used also for the 31st October ornament together with the called for DMC threads. I want to write a full post about the glow in the dark thread as I was really impressed with it, I thought it was not going to be that glowy but I was surprised. I framed both ornaments in a flexi hoop (I would like to make a tutorial on how to frame using flexi hoop soon).

To finish this post I would like to show you two pictures that cannot be missed in Halloween, the carved pumpkin and a witchy black cat. She is my beloved Luna, my life companion and my biggest treasure.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

WIPocalypse - August Check In

I have finally time to do some stitches and show them on my monthly summary.

We have crossed the first half of the year and that is the moment when I modify the list of projects to do I prepared at the beginning of the year. Some of the projects I even didn’t have time to start and I will be doing in 2019 and others are projects I have started but I am disappointed or don’t like how they look. The good part is that I have included new projects for this last part of the year, mainly for Halloween or Christmas decoration.

So my list of projects to do is now as shown:

  1. Dreamcatcher: 33%
  2. Banner of the Sabbats: 25%
  3. Sewing Owls
  4. Connie Gee Design SAL: 36%
  5. CrossStitcher SAL
  6. Seasonal Birds
  7. Green Man
  8. MD69 Cinderella
  9. Phases of the Moon
  10. Wheel of the Year
  11. Monthly Mini Mandala: 25%
  12. Zodiac Pentagram
  13. Queen of Water: 90%
  14. A Year of Flowers: 66%
  15. Zen Garden
  16. 12 Month, 12 Sachets: 66%
  17. Prickly But Cute: 20%
  18. 12 Days of Christmas: 50%
  19. Magical Mistery SAL: 100%
  20. Blackwork Tangram: 17%
  21. Halloween Owls: 8%
  22. Advent Calendar
  23. Halloween Unicorn

Entries in red means I advanced on them, while in black are the ones I didn’t work on this period. I put in orange the projects I will do next year, in violet the ones I have abandoned and in green are the project I am going to start now.

To start with my advances of that period I want to show the advance I did on my “A Year of Flowers”. It is a Cuore e Batticuore design which I am presenting in the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL 2018. I finished 3 more flowers and I am completely up to date in that SAL now. The flower corresponding to June is a daisy. For July I embroidered what I think it is an iris and for August I have no idea about which flower it is (can be a fucshia), but it is lovely.

My Hooties 12 Days of Christmas has advanced also, but I am still two months behind schedule and I need to speed up if I want to finish it by this year Christmas. I finished the Day 5 (5 Golden Rings) and Day 6 (6 Geese-a-Laying).

The aromatic sachet collection is also up to date now. I chose this time four Vervaco designs and I am very happy as they look gorgeous, specially the two in black and white

 I finally finished the Magical Mistery SAL organized last spring by Magickal Quilts and More. I embroidered on the back MMS and the month and year I did it and I finished it as a pincushion. Happy with the result.

And moving on to blackwork, I became up to date with the Connie Gee Design Blackwork SAL. The second row is nearly over and I am waiting restless to have time to make the 10th design.

The two new projects I already started are part of what is going to be my Halloween decoration. One project consists in owl disguised with Halloween creepy costumes, as vampire, ghost, bat, etc. I sterted with the one who is on top of a pumpkin. I chose a olive green 16 count fabric for this project.

The other project is a Halloween unicorn. I love unicorns, that is not a secret. I have unicorns printed on my water bottle, my mug, sleepers, …..and when I saw that design I couldn’t avoid buying it. I am going to stitch it on 14 count pale yellow Aida fabric. After finishing this one I think I will buy and do the Christmas one, with a poinsettia on his head.

I am also going to start shortly a Advent Calendar, but that will be for the next month.

The question Measi Musing is asking this month is :

“What is more satisfaying for you and why - the process of stitching a piece or the finish?”

Definitely for me is the process of stitching. I love the thread and fabric setting up, the excitement of the first stitches and mainly see how my piece of art is growing and showing the final design. I have loads of embroidered pieces in which the cross stitch part is finish but the job remains unwashed in a box. And my weakest point, if i leave a small portion unfinished it will be like that forever.

Have a happy stitching month.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Small SAL 2018 - August Check In

I was very delayed with this project. From January to May I did month by month the corresponding sachets. But from May I dedicated more time to my plot and I was delayed with the cross stitch. I am up to date and I have 4 sachets to show.

In May was the turn of a mushroom from Vervaco. It is done in 14 count cream Aida fabric and the threads are mainly red shades. For the back as well as for the ribbon I chose a red colour.

June sachet is a Vervaco design in black and white and represents a butterfly. I did over 14 count Aida white with black and grey shades DMC threads. I used black fabric for the back and a black ribbon.

July sachet is a pink girlish owl. Ok, I need to tell the truth. The original design from Vervaco comes with the word ‘Teeth” written in backstitch and it is suppose to be a sachet for keeping the teeth for the Fairy Teeth. I didn’t embroider the letters and it is perfect for my sachets’ collection. I did it in Aida pink fabric with dark pink for the back and the ribbon.

Finally, August sachet is also a Vervaco design made in grey and black shades, but this time represents a bird. It is done in 18 count Aida marble effect fabric. As for the previous black and white design, I chose black for the back fabric and the ribbon.

My collection is increasing. It is lovely now how they look in the basket I chose for them.

Hooties 12 Days of Christmas - Days 5 and 6

I am two months delayed with this SALand I need to speed up if I want it ready for this year Christmas.

For people who don’t know my design is called “Hooties 12 Days of Christmas”, it is designed by PinoyStitch and consists on 12 owls disguised in the appropriate custom for the number they have following the famous carroll 12 Days of Christmas.

This time I did number 5 and 6, which correspond to 5 golden rings and 6 Geese-a-laying. And there is where I am at that moment.

On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
A partridge in a pear tree.

On the second day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the third day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the fourth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the fifth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the sixth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Connie Design Blackwork SAL - August 2018

I have worked quite a lot on this project and I am now completely up to date. I like a lot how the work looks like and how quick you can stitch each part. Last time I showed you my advance was in May, when I had only 5 parts finished. From then I finished parts 6 to 9.

And look how nice looks the full job.

You can get the pattern from free from Connie Gee Designs Blackwork SAL 2018.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Gift Gorgeousness 2018 - August Update

Hello everybody!!!!! I am here again. 

I have been busy with other things and  didn't have time to update my flower collection, but it is going on. The last flower I showed you was the rose made in May. After that I finished three more flowers. In June I did a nice daisy. Petals are originally in white but I changed the colour to a very pale blue as in white they were really difficult to see in the fabric.

In July was the turn of an iris or lirium, I don't know exactly what it is. But I don't really care about the name. It is looking gorgeous in the collection.

The one I did this month can be a fuchsia but I have no idea if I am right or wrong. But again it looks very nice in the whole of the embroidery.

And I cannot go without showing ho is the full job going. Only four flowers are missing and I need to make the months' name and that will be over.

As usual comments are welcome.

Monday, 13 August 2018

TUSAL - August update

It is a long time now I am not showing my ORTs jar for the reasons I have been explaining. I am bit more free now, my plot is under control (well, all under control that can be, there is always something to do) and I am having more time for stitching. I didn’t do so much these last months but the amount of ORTs in my jar had increased a bit.

As in every update, you can see all my ORTs in the portable box and how is my jar after I transferred them. It is nice to see the increase compared with the last post.

Happy New Moon and see you next month.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

August Bullet Journal Layout

August is the first month I am going to plan completely in my bullet journal. I started it by the middle of July and made only half a month. Still I don’t feel very confident in drawing, lettering, etc and that is why I am going to plan a minimalist August layout. I am practicing some lettering and doodles as training to make more beautiful layouts.

August is the month when the first harvest festival (Lammas) is celebrated. That is the reason I chose a cornucopia full of fruits for my August cover page. Just after the cover page I introduced the monthly calendar for August.

Two collections very useful for me are the habit tracker and the sleep log. I think I improved both compare with the trackers I did in July. I left more space between lines in the habit tracker and I am using a different colour for each day track. I reduced the size of my sleep log to have space to have more information. I fixed slots of sleeping time instead hours and a space for quality of my sleep.

For the mood tracker I decided to draw 31 leaves in a cup. I like the design and at the same time it is easy to draw mainly when I am not very good in drawing (hope to improve with my training). That is going together with a mood graph where I track my mood (good, normal, bad) in the morning and evening. I included also a space to write or draw what make me feel happy or bad and finally the Level 10 Life which I will fell by the end of the month.

After that there is a page for doodles (or I should say rubbish as I am terrible drawing). I am following the August Doodle Challenge in Instagram hosted by Christina77 (@christina77). The theme for this month is zoo, but looking at my animals it seems to be a joke……

After that I will include the weekly layouts. I am changing them because I don’t know which design is better for me. That is something I will keep changing until I find the best for me.

Do you have any idea, suggestion or comment? They are all welcome.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Starting my Bullet Journal

It is done. I finally started my bullet journal with a mixture of excitement and fear. I have seen very beautiful bullet journals on Instagram and Pinterest and I know mine is not going to be like them. But my hope is that someday, after drawing and practising a lot, I can also do something nice.

I don’t like the plain cover of my elephant notebook so I decided to change it. I chose an adhesive paper in white and red diagonal stripes and I covered my book with it. For the inside part I chose a flower paper from my card making supplies and decided to make a small pocket in case I want to carry stencils with me. I cover all with a transparent self-adhesive book cover to protect it. In the inside part, I included something which resonate with me.

I started as it is advised for bullet journal, with an Index and Key pages. In my notebook there are two pages for Index, but I left two more pages just in case. After the Index and Key pages I prepared a Password Log layout.

I have included after the password log all the collections which will be in use the whole year. First I made a future log for half a year, from July to December. I prepared after that a spread to track if my monthly bills are paid and I dedicated a page to my lovely Luna (when she needs her pipette, anti-worm tablet, vet appointment ...).  I dedicated couple of pages to my embroideries, one of them containing all the projects I am working in or I am going to work in and the other page is for tracking the advances on my WIP.

I made a page for the books I want to buy during this year once they come to the market and other to keep all the ideas I have to improve my journal.

After that I will be including monthly layouts and collections. I hope I can improve in the future and have a journal that I can proudly show,.

Monday, 6 August 2018

New Project: Bulley Journal

In 2016 I read about Bullet Journal for the very first time. Maybe most of you know what is that, but I am going to tell what it is for those people who don’t know. The Bullet Journal or BuJo idea was created in 2014 by Ryder Carroll. You can have a look to his website, BulletJournal, for interesting ideas. He defines the Bullet Journal as "The Analog System for the Digital Age". It is basically a journal, diary, to-do lists, notebook, etc. It is 100% customizable and you can include whatever you feel and want. And the most important thing is that even if you can buy expensives notebooks and pens, what you really need is ONLY a notebook and a pen.

The first time I read about it I thought, even if I liked the idea, that it was a bit time consuming and wasn’t for me. I didn’t think about it anymore. But recently I can’t remember where, I read something about it again. When something comes twice to knock at your door it should be for a reason, so I decided to go deeper into the Bullet Journal world and start looking for information and reading about that. And surprisingly, I found myself thinking that Bullet Journal is ideal for me. I like to make lists of all but I keep them in a sheet, post-it, middle of a notebook, etc and I can never find them when I need.

I am going to give a try. I have been doing reseasrch for some time to check which are the best notebooks and pens and I found that they are all quite expensive. I decided then to buy cheap brands in case I don’t like and decide to stop. If I enjoy and want to continue with my bullet journal I will by slowly the good brand supplies. But I wanted to share what I got now and show my ideas. If you have experience, ideas, suggestions, etc feel free to let me know, I will appreciate it.

The Notebook

The best notebooks for Bullet Journals are the one with dotted pages. There are lots of brands in the market, being Moleskine and Leuchtturm 1917 the most popular but also the most expensive. I want to try in the future both brands and compare, but for the moment I bought a cheap notebook. It has dotted and numbered pages, a page for the KEYS and couple of pages for the Index. The brand is Elephant and I bought in Amazon.

Pens and Pencils

Pens are the other thing you can’t miss for bullet journaling. As for notebooks there are many brands and types and it is not easy to decide what to buy. I bought cheap brands and I will be buying the most expensive ones with time.

Most popular pen’s brands are Sharpie, Tombow, Micron, Zebra,.... But I made a cheaper brand collection to begin with.

I have normal fine liner pens to write what it is the proper planning (events, tasks, appointments,....)

I have a collection of gel pens in different colours including metallics and neon shades. These gel pens are my favourite. There is no bleeding or ghosting when I use them. It is also important for me to have pencils. I have some Staedler pencils for drafts in different hard and darkness and a collection of 36 coloring pencils bought in Hobbycraft.

I have a crayola collection which can be very usefull as they also don’t do ghosting and for lettering (what is something I still don’t know well how to do) I have a collection of brush pens and a collection of waterpencils.

Washi Tape

That is not completly neededbut as I had lots from other craft supplies I decided I can also use them in my Bullet Journal. Washi Tape can be very usefull as decoration and in case you need to correct a mistake. I have plain color washi tapes in pastel and neon colors and lots of decorated tapes that I normally use for cardmaking.

Other Supplies

Obviously you don’t really need the following supplies but they make the things so much easier.

I have a set of eraser and sharpener, very useful when working drafts. The ruler is a ‘must have’ for me, I am not able to draw a straight line otherwise. Tracer and charcoal papers can be also very usefull if you want to copy a picture from elsewhere (br carefull and take only free pictures). I have a set of stencils to make the most common shapes that will save me lot of time.

That is all what you can need. Ah, no. I forgot something very important. You will need also your imagination, patience and art to keep a beautiful journal.

As I am newbie in Bullet Journal any comment or suggestion you have will be welcome.