Saturday, 27 May 2017

Traditional Embroidery Sampler 1

I love traditional embroidery but I never tried it thinking that it was too difficult. I really like to challenge myself and I have decided to take a new challenge, I am going to do a sampler with different traditional embroidery stitches and if I like the result I will start doing small projects using that technique.

For learning, I found a very nice tutorial in YouTube. Videos are in spanish but it is very easy to follow simple by watching them. The lady who is doing the tutorials is really skilled in embroidery. If you want to have a look her name is Rosario Montoro.

Initially I thought in using Lugana Evenwave fabric with Coton Perle no 8 threads but after a try I found the fabric square very small and I decided to change to Aida marble effect 18 count fabric but keeping the same threads.

In this tutorial I did four different stitches which are the basis of the traditional embroidery, stem stitch, chain stitch, blanquet stitch with same and different lenght. I am using different colour for each stitch for identification. Among these four stitches, the one which I like less and had worst results is the chain stitch (in yellow). 

Stem stitch (red) and the two type of blanquet stitch (brown and grey) are not bad if we keep in mind that it is the first time I am doing them.

What do you think about my stitches? Shortly I will continue with the sampler.......

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