Thursday, 15 March 2018

WIPocalypse 2018 - Februay check In

I have decided to make the WIPocalypse posts as a summary about all what I did in the month and what is presented in other posts with more detail. But I think it is a good idea putting all together, you can enjoy them and I can keep track about my advances. I will also publish the list of the projects I am planning to do in the year with the updates.

  1. Dreamcatcher: 33%
  2. Banner of the Sabbats
  3. Sewing Owls
  4. Connie Gee Design SAL: 8%
  5. CrossStitcher SAL: 8%
  6. Seasonal Birds
  7. Green Man
  8. MD69 Cinderella
  9. Phases of the Moon
  10. Wheel of the Year
  11. Monthly Mini Mandala: 16%
  12. Zodiac Pentagram
  13. Queen of Water
  14. A Year of Flowers: 16%
  15. Zen Garden
  16. 12 Month, 12 Sachets: 16%
  17. Prickly But Cute: 6.5%
  18. 12 Days of Christmas: 8%
  19. A FOB A Month: 16%
  20. Ornament of the Month: 8%
  21. Magical Mystery SAL

I am going to start three new project,  brown in the list, organized by the blog Magical’s Quilts and More…..Two of them consist in stitching a smal FOB and an ornament every month and the Mystery one is that, a mystery…….

Let’s go to the important things, the advances. I finished the sachet corresponding to February which I am presenting in the Small SAL 2018. It is a lovely yellow sachet with a 4 leaves clover for good luck. It has green fabric in the back and a green ribbon.

Continuing with small projects, I discovered the FOB and ornament of the month, organized by the blog Magical’s Quilt and More….. They publish a FOB and an ornament freebie pattern each month. I stitched the two first FOBs and the first ornament. I will catch up soon with the ornament.

Moving on to blackwork projects, but still talking about small projects, I did the second part of Connie Gee Design SAL and the Monthly Mini Mandala. I continue with the planned colour for both

For the Gift Gorgeousness 2018 (GG2018), as we should participate with something containing the wprld ‘Gift’ I am doing the design A Year of Flowers designed by Cuore e Batticuore. I am stitching a flower per month which is representative of that particular month. I did snowdrop for January and a daffodil for February.

In February, I started two new projects. I had one of them in mind but the other it was simply that I couldn’t resist myself when I saw it. The first one is for the Christmas Ornie SAL. I chose a 12 Days of Christmas design in owl version, Hooties 12 Days of Christmas. I finished the first owl, the partridge on a pear tree.

The other project I mentioned it is called Prickly But Cute and it is a design I saw in Etsy by FuzzyFoxDesigns. Each part isa different cactus and they are all of them very easy to do and, as the name says, they are really cute. They all have name, the first one is called Astrid the Cactus.

To finish with the advances I did this month I need to introduce you my dreamcatcher. It is a a design made by the Joeuses Petites Croix. and I am doing it in 3 parts. Starting from the top, I finished my first part, there are some words in the pattern to stitch but I don’t know if I will do them or not, I will decide at the end when all the dreamcatcher is over.

The question of the month is about my favourite gadget . There is nothing like that, nothing I can call my favourite gadget as I like plenty af them. But if I need to mention something I like more I should say scisors. I have few of them and I like to collect them.

That is all for this month. I hope to keep advancing at least as I did in February, if not more, in the month of March.


Monday, 26 February 2018

Connie Design Back Stitch SAL - February 2018

Just finished the second part of Connie Gee Design SAL 2018-2019. I am really enjoying this SAL as it is very easy and quick and, I need to say, I love backstitch. I have the third part ready to go and can’t wait to receive the fourth part.

I like the result of the two parts together.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Small SALs 2018 - February Check In

This month I stitched a design from Vervaco, a four-leaves clover symbol of good luck. It is stitched in different shades of green over Aida yellow 14 count. The back stitched letters of “Good Luck” are made in very dark brown colour. I chose a green fabric for the back of the sachet and a green ribbon.

Comments are welcome. Good Luck!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Blogger Behind...... Lord Libidan

Lord Libidan is a cross stitch designer. His designs are very contemporary and it is not very common to find designs of the style Lord Libidan does. He published in his blog Lord Libidan where he publishes very interesting articles which can teach you a lot about cross stitch art. One of my favourite is the story of the needles, not very easy to find the information. He has also published more than 500 free patterns designed by himself related with video-games, TV  and anime. I especially love the Pokemon serie. But let’s know Lord Libidan a bit more.

  1. Why did you start writing this blog?
I first created my blog to show off my own cross stitch, however as time moved on I realised there wasn’t many places answering the questions cross stitchers had.

  1. What is this blog about?
Cross stitch. We offer guides, reviews, free patterns and roundups of great cross stitch, focusing on a contemporary and modern feel.

  1. In what environment do you write your blog?
I tend to throw ideas around my head whilst driving, however once I have a good title/topic I write in my lunch times at work. It’s a very corporate atmosphere, so I like how I can concentrate all of my creativity on my writing.

  1. Who do you think would love to read your blog?
Anyone that likes embroidery and cross stitch. We answer questions, give tips and work with the community.

  1. Why should people follow your blog?
Unlike a lot of craft blogs, we make sure we create content you’ll want to read. We only feature curated content and answer questions every stitcher might need answering.

  1. How and when did you start crafting?
Back in 2009 I picked up a small cross stitch highland cow kit to fill my summer holiday (it was a typically wet English summer). From that point on I’ve been hooked. I moved onto creating my own patterns and designs in 2011.

  1. How often do you craft?
I tend to stitch every day, even if it’s only 10 minutes (you can start and stop cross stitch without issue). On weekends I tend to spend more time on it.

  1. Where do you get inspiration?
I tend to get a lot of inspiration from art works. I visit a lot of galleries and museums, and like to take an existing artwork and change it up to fit my style and theme.

  1. Why do you craft? How did you learn?
I’ve always been artistic, however I’ve lacked the devotion to draw or paint. I started working on pixel art a long time ago, and whilst I gave it up, cross stitch uses a lot of the same skills to create patterns.
People mainly cross stitch to de-stress, however I much prefer to run the stress away. Instead I cross stitch to forget about work, deadlines, and other boring things.

  1. What do you do when you are suffering a creative block to unblock?
The worst thing you can do when you’re in a creative block, is think about the block. I put cross stitch down and do something else; watch movies, play games, go out with friends. After a while I’ll see something and suddenly the creative block is gone.

  1. What are the crafting tools that you cannot live without?
Organisation. Whilst tools help you LOADS, being able to just pull the right thing out at the right time is a massive help. I organise everything, from needles in size tubes to threads on skeins, to aida fabric in boxes.

Thank you very much, Lord Libidan, for letting us know a bit more about you. I am sure people will enjoy your job as much as I do and I can promise I am going to make some of your Pokemon designs……..

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Hooties Days of Christmas - Day 1

I can guess most of people in UK know the song 12 Days of Christmas. For people who don’t know, “the Twelve Days of Christmas” is an english Christmas carol that enumerate in the manner of a cumulative song a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the 12 days of Christmas (starting on the Christmas Day).

I am going to participate this year in Christmas Ornie SAL and my choice for that SAL is “the 12 days of Christmas” option. The design I am stitching is "Hooties Days of Christmas" from PinoyStitch bought in Etsy. I chose a pale grey Aida 18 count fabric with the original colours threads given in the chart by DMC.

I am a bit delayed because I am doing the first owl in February when it was due on January, the choice of the pattern wasn’t easy, but I will try to catch up……

On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me

A Partridge on a Pear Tree.

Monday, 19 February 2018

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) - February

I recently discovered the International Hermit and Stitching Weekend (IHSW). It is a very interesting blog sign-up. IHSW takes place every third full weekend of each month from Friday to Sunday. To participate, you only need to become an hermit that weekend, sit in your stitching corner and stitch during all the weekend (ok, you can also, cook, eat, sleep,....). Then, next Monday or Tuesday you show all what you did in the weekend, from a big advance in a project up to few stitches in other.

This is the first time I am going to participate and I feel very excited.

I finished the first cactus of my Prickly but Cute SAL, called Astrid the Cactus. It is very fast and easy to do but it is really cute. It is done over Aida pale blue 18 count,

I finished my two first mandalas. That is a blackwork project organized by the blog Brodeuse Bresanne which I am stitching in Aida orange 18 count and using purple thread. Maybe I will alternate with green, but I didn’t decided yet. 

I also decided to do the Ornament of the month and A FOB a Month organized by the blog Magical’s Quilts and More. For the ornaments there is the choice of doing 2 pieces and sew together as a, let’s say, triangle or stitch 4 triangles and a square and join as a pyramid. I am choosing the triangle option. I did this weekend January ornament. It is stitched in white Aida 14 count with purple thread.

The FOBs are really small and cute. They are only 15 x 15 stitches and I finished this weekend the FOBs corresponding to January and February. One is stitched over black Aida 14 count fabric and the other is stitched in pearl grey Aida 14 count.

I am really looking forward to see what other people have stitched. As usual, comments are welcome.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness February Update

This is the first time I am going to participate in that SAL, mainly because not always I have something which can include the world “gift”.

But this year I have something. I had problems last year in finding an appropriate Christmas present for my mum and I decided that next time I will offer her something handmade by myself. My mum loves two things on top of all, owls and flowers. I thought at the beginning in doing something related with owls, but I discarded the idea as she already has more than 200 owls in different style (ceramic, stitched, knitted, etc). I saw then the patterns from Cuore e Baticuore called “A Year of Flowers” which consists stitching a flower representing each month of the year.

I decided to do a flower a month and I have finished now January and February’s ones (snowdrop and daffodil respectively). I still didn’t stitch the month name as I want to stitch it in Spanish (my mom doesn’t speak English).

I am sure she will like.