Friday, 15 February 2019

Hearts Collection

Saint Valentine Day is just over!!!!!!!

I am not in couple now what means that I don't need to care about buying presents for that day. Anyway, I like to visit blogs and websites to see the beautiful items people do in a huge variety of techniques. It is always good to catch ideas as you never know if you will need in the future.

I decided to make a list and share with you some of the pieces of art I found in Internet, most of them really easy to make. I am simply listing them and the position each project occupies is not related with the quality or likeness, it is 100% aleatory. It is also my first post of this type. I want to apologize in advance for the mistakes I can make and I would like to get feedback about how I did and what I can improve.

But let's go with the list.

1. Mini Heart Banner. In the blog Oh Happy Day there is a post with a tutorial about how to make this heart banner. They are made on felt, they are very easy and quick to do and in spite of be quite tiny, they are really cute.

Banner Hearts by Oh Happy Day.

2. Heart Borax Crystal Heart. As a chemist I love this one. It is made with borax, a common household cleaner, pipe cleaner and food colouring. I want to make some.......

Borax Heart by Chica Circle.

3. Wool Heart Wreath, very simple but cute. You only need some cardboard and yarn in different colours. 

Blue Bear Wood

4. Yarn Wrapped Hearts, also made with cardboard and yarn , great both for kids and grown ups. 

Find the tutorial in Easy, Peasy and Fun

5. Grass Heart. One of my favourite. It is very simple and cheap, it can be made with nature gifts.  That is recommended for people who love nature, go for a walk, enjoy the sun and fresh air and collect material for the heart.

Mother Natured

6. Fabric HeartsNo sewing machine needed to make these fabric hearts!

Cottage at the Crossroads

7. Lavender Heart. They make the perfect gift, it is filled with lavender which is very good for help sleeping and relaxing. And it is easy to make.


8. Hanged Hearts. Not only for Valentine's Day but also ideal for Christmas,

Funky Sunday

9. Valentine's Wreath. This wreath is made with paper and fabric and ideal to decorate your window.

Somewhat Simple

10. Cross stitch Hearts. I don't want to finish without showing the heart  I made as part of a Valentine's Day swap in a forum group I collaborate. The design is a freebie published in the blog The World According to Agi

Little Stitches Art

Which is your favourite heart? Please, let me know in the comments which one ido you like more.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Blog Hop at Serendipitous Stitching

For Saint Valentine Day Jo, from Serendipitous Stitching, organises a Blog Hop on her blog. That Blog Hop consists in doing something related with love or friendship, send her the picture and after that you receive back a picture from another blogger. You must write a post showing the picture Jo sends you. Up to this point all sounds normal. The fun comes when you need to go to her post in Serendipitous Stitching and go to the participating blogs to find out who is having the picture of the embroidery you made. Once you find it you need to tell that person that you made it and the person who made yours will let me know she is the author of the one I got.

I received a cute bunny holding a red envelop, I imaging with a love letter inside.

Now I need to go through the other blogs and find out who has my picture and wait until the artist of that one tells she is the person who did. I will edit that post after I get that information.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Hearts and More Hearts

Valentine's Day is approaching and even if I am not in couple at this moment I became a bit contagious with the hearts. Wherever you look now you are going to see only teddy bears and hearts, lots of hearts in many different materials and price. You can buy hearts in felt, rubber, candies,.....

I was this weekend working on hearts also and I did them for different reasons and with different purpose. I cannot say what is the reason I did each one because I want to keep it surprise for the person receiving but I can tell you that I did one for a Saint Valentine Swap in a Spanish embroidery group I take part from several years, other is for a blog hop, other is part of a year project and the other just because I wanted to make them.

One of them is knitted. It is fairly easy to make and I used for it white wool with pale blue wool to sew it together. A button in the centre serves as decoration.

For the second one I followed a pattern which appear in the magazine Cross Stitcher, issue 340. It uses one of the "new" DMC threads (not that new as the came to market last year). It is small but cute.

Next one was planned to be stitched last year as part of the project a sachet per month but I finally didn't have time. It is a Vervaco design and it is supposed to be a sachet. I still need to wash it and fill it with lavender or whatever,m but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to show it together with the others.

The one I am going to show now is part of a pattern collection proposed by the magazine Cross Stitcher. Each 2019 issue will be giving a flower corresponding to the month the issue is coming. That is the first one of the collection and it is a snowdrop. That is the first flower to appear as winter turns to spring. This flower signifies hope and beauty and with the carnation, is the birth flower of January. I finished it following the magazine suggestion.

My last hearts are 4 in one. It is a freebie desig I saw in the blog Tbhe World ~According to Agi. It is stitched in white with pink point 14 count Aida fabric and I framed it in a wooden frame/

That is my heart collection for Valentine's Day. I am going to show a picture where you can see all together. 

Sunday, 27 January 2019

For Someone Special

I wanted to start the year with a post talking about which projects I want to do this year not only embroidery but other crafts also and I wanted to write about new ideas I am having for the blog. Finally I think I will do that later because I want to write the first project I finished in 2019, a birth record for a special baby.

Las year came to life a new member of my family. He was born on the 25th October and he was, well, he is one of the most desired and wanted babies in the world. His parent were trying to conceive for more than 15 years and finally, when they lost all the hopeness they were having, it was possible. He was on the way……. It is so special for me because his mum is the best friend I could have in my life (on top of being my cousin) and one of the most important person for me. 

I wanted to make a birth record for him with his name and date of birth. I chose a baby design with a dummy holding few balloons, all in blue shades. I chose a fabric I got long time back but never could use it.It is 14 count Aida white with small points in pale blue. I finished it off with a frame imitating the marble stone . It is now flying to its destination. Hope it arrives soon and they like……..

Friday, 18 January 2019

Finish it in 2019 - January

During all the years I am embroidering I learnt that hardly I finish the projects I start at the beginning of the year. That is a big true but there is an exception, I finish the projects which are part of a SAL. That is why most of my projects this year are made as a SAL.

One of the blog included in my favourite list because proposes lots of SALs, beautiful and pretty small, is Magical Quilt andMore. This year it is organised a SAL called Finish it in 2019, among other. The description of this SAL is here. But I will summarise the idea of the SAL. There are not going to be any pattern proposed for the SAL. The idea is finish projects which have already become UFO. And I thought it was a very nice opportunity to finish some of the projects I didn’t finish last year. I am not going to eat more than I can chew and I am going to choose only 3 projects which are.

  1. A Year of Flowers by Cuore e Baticuore. Initially it was going to be a Christmas present but it should be for next year Christmas. I need to finish the flowers going from September to December and the name of the 12 months.
  2. Sabbats by The Primitive Hare. I have only two pending.
  3. Sabbats by CTHdesigns. I need to make 5 of them.

If I finish these 3 projects before the end of the year I will add other projects to that list, I have a big list of UFOs……..

Hope I can finish my projects this year.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Queen of Water - Finished

I can’t believe, my lady is over….,.........

Her name is Queen of Water and it is stitched over 20 count white Aida fabric with the call for colours.

It is a long time back when I decided to stitch that pattern. At that time I was part of a Spanish embroidery forum which use to organise multiple SALs every year. This pattern was a SAL proposal in that group and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Anyway I knew that it wasn’t possible for me to do as a SAL. It has so many stitches and I had other projects as WIP at that moment. But I decided I was going to do at my own pace. I bought the graphic in December 2014 and in January 2015 I started to stitch it.

From that point my lady suffered periods in which I didn’t touch and other in which I was speeding up a lot. Every year I used to propose to finish but I finally never succeed. Few month back I promised my mum I was going to finish by the end of 2018. And here it is.

Now I only need to give it a good wash and find the right frame for her.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Halloween Decoration

How fast the time goes…… It seems that not so long back we were celebrating Christmas and we are already preparing 2018 ones. We have just celebrated Halloween last week. Halloween (or Samhain, depending on what you believe) is one of my favourite (or even I should say my favourite) festivities of the year. After autumn equinox and change to winter time dark time is long, weather start to be chilled and we experience the first frosten. It is the point where you can feel stronger the turn of the wheel of the year. So, as I love that time so much, I invested lot of time in prepare home decoration for that festivity, and I want to share it with you.

During the last couple of months I have been stitching a hooty design from Country Magic Stitch called Halloween Owls. I bought it in Etsy and consists in 12 owls wearing spooky costumes. We have from the witchy owl to the mummy one passing from Frankestein, vampire, ghost, skeleton, devil,.... For that design I chose a green olive 18 ct Aida cloth and used the call for DMC threads. I frame it using a picture frame from the second hand shop and I decorate the frame with Halloween shapes (bat, pumpkin, spider, ghost) made on glitter black, orange and white foam.

Just before doing the owls I stitched a Halloween Unicorn designed by AnnaXStitch. I stitched in 14 count yellow Aida fabric and DMC threads. I framed it using a hoop previously wrapped in black ribbon. I stitched a black ribbon in the side of the design as decoration and use the same black ribbon for hanging.

The next couple of jobs are from the Cross Stitcher issue 336 magazine and I really fell in love with them when I saw. I chose for that design the hateful but beautiful 14 count aida in black. For the spider I used the  glow in the dark thread by DMC with black metallic thread for the spider web. Those two were used also for the 31st October ornament together with the called for DMC threads. I want to write a full post about the glow in the dark thread as I was really impressed with it, I thought it was not going to be that glowy but I was surprised. I framed both ornaments in a flexi hoop (I would like to make a tutorial on how to frame using flexi hoop soon).

To finish this post I would like to show you two pictures that cannot be missed in Halloween, the carved pumpkin and a witchy black cat. She is my beloved Luna, my life companion and my biggest treasure.